Don't you wish we could all stop time in those perfect moments with our littles? When their hand still fits in yours and they can wrap their legs around your waist. These are the photos that will be cherished forever. A window to look back and remember what life what like as your family was growing.

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family photography

There is something so special about getting to look back at your babies childhood. When you can remember exactly what they loved (a certain character on the tv or that one special cup) and get to live just for a second in that moment again. You might even get to be so lucky to sit down with your photo album with your grandchildren and share the legacy of your family. These are the memories we are creating. A time capsule of your motherhood journey.

KFP | family Experience


Let me take you through the process of what you can expect when you book with me! I want to start my saying that you will LOVE the images you walk away with from your session. I take a lot of pride in my work and I truly care about documenting this incredible time in your life.

"Katie has a way of making every person she encounters feel special, valued and beautiful."